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Re: How to play puzzles

Post by doptrix » 26 Feb 2012, 00:29

Hi John,
I think you misunderstand the idea of puzzle mode. Puzzles are brainteasers, they are completely different from Classic and Alternative modes.
In puzzle mode you only have few shapes available (say 5 shapes) and with this limited number of shapes you have to clear all blocks from the main grid. I.e. after last shape is flicked, you should get absolutely empty main grid.
Please watch this video:
Doptrix Puzzle Mode

Thanks for purchasing Puzzle Pack, I hope you'll enjoy solving these puzzles!

How to play puzzles

Post by johnp » 25 Feb 2012, 16:45

Ilove playing the Classic games, but when I try games in the Puzzles folder, after I use all the pieces that appear in the horizontal list, no more pieces appear in the grid at the bottom. I even bought the set of Not Easy puzzles and I get the same behavior. Is there a way to keep these puzzles going until there is no more room in the main grid? The way they play now, with only 6 shapes to flick into the main grid, the games seem pointless.


Post by doptrix » 21 Jan 2012, 15:05


I started a new puzzle discussion post.


Post by taurius1 » 21 Jan 2012, 13:53

Wow! Pretty sweet guide!
I'm super excited about the game. I'm still stuck at lvl2 on the puzzle. Will it be possible to start a puzzle discussion section on this forum?

I thought of starting my own forums for this game, but since you've already set one up on your own, I'd love to make this grow! :)

I wish you all the best. :)


Post by doptrix » 17 Jan 2012, 03:35


1. I don't understand how to play.

Launch Help->Tutorial. It will teach you basic steps to start playing.

2. What are the differences between game modes?

Classic is the most basic mode with no limitations - you can move shapes left or right, rotate and flip the game board and swap shapes.

In Reflection mode you can only place shapes on one side of the board (the board will flip automatically with every move).

In Survival mode you have to "survive" because a random cell is placed on the board with every move.

Challenge mode is quite different - it randomly generates a board and gives you a list of shapes, so you have to plan you game 6-10 moves ahead to make the most points on early stages and to survive on later stages.

In Alternative mode shapes are simplified, but they are fixed in place and cannot be moved. You'll need to swap shapes a lot here.

In Puzzle mode your aim is to clear the board using several predefined shapes. I.e, you should build lines so that ALL blocks from the board disappear.

3. I can't solve puzzle N, are you sure it is correct?

I guarantee all puzzles have solutions!


1. Launching shape doesn't work sometimes.

Shape is launched with a touch-screen gesture called "fling" or "swipe".

First rule - after you've moved shape left or right you should lift your finger from the screen before launching shape!
This requirement is to prevent accidental shape displacements.

Second rule - you should start "fling" gesture from the area shown below.
This is to prevent accidental shape launch while you are flipping or rotating the main board.


If you still having troubles with launching shapes, you can reassign double-tap to this action in Options->Controls. You can also use gamepad or configure hardware keys.

2. How the main board is rotated or flipped?

Area for rotation is shown below.


And this area is used for flipping:


3. I don't need popup-menu.

You can disable long-tap in Options->Controls .

4. Why can't I rotate shapes?

This would make the game ridiculously easy. You can rotate and flip the board instead.


1. What does Doptrix Unlocker do?

Doptrix Unlocker app removes ads and unlocks all PAID features of the game - all grid sizes and all puzzles. By puchasing Doptrix Unlocker you also support future development of this great game!

2. Will all my scores earned in free version be lost after upgrade to Pro version? Or will I end up with two Doptrix icons?

No, your scores and settings are safe. Doptrix Unlocker app acts like a licence key, it doesn't replace Doptrix app. Doptrix Unlocker icon will not be visible in your apps "drawer".


1. Is there a PC version?


2. Is there an iOS / Android version?

Yes and Yes

3. Why does Doptrix require special permissions?

Currently Doptrix uses 2 permissions:
INTERNET & ACCESS NETWORK STATE - Required for displaying ads in free version and allow submitting results to online leaderboards.

Please note, that these permissions are only used as intended and no personally identifiable information is retrieved. If you don't use online leaderboards or purchased PRO version, these permissions are not utilized.

4. Can I use unique gameplay ideas from Doptrix in my own game?

No, you should discuss it with me.

5. I don't like design/menu/controls/sounds/something else.

If you have suggestions on how to make the game better, I'll be happy to discuss them.

6. I found a bug, what should I do?

Please report it and I'll fix it!

You can contact me using Private Messaging on by e-mail:
admin [at] doptrix.com

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