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Re: Suggestions

Post by doptrix » 06 Dec 2012, 17:07

Those 4 white boxes form a shape or a tetromino:

You launch this shape from the bottom field into the upper main game field. The shape should hit any white box on the upper field, otherwise it'll fly through and you lose points. Also the shape should not stick out of the field, or the game will be over.
The goal of the game is to build complete lines (horizontal or vertical) with white boxes. When you complete a line, it disappears, clearing the space for new shapes.

In original Tetris you can control shapes (move and rotate) and that's it. While in Doptrix you control both the shapes and the game field, which makes the game much more complex and interesting.

Sorry, my English is not very good, I wish I could explain better : )

Re: Suggestions

Post by cattylonglegs » 04 Dec 2012, 17:55

This is not a suggestion but I have never used one of these Forums before and I don't know where else to ask this question. I have also never played Tetris and am new to Doptrix, so I really do not even understand the basic concept of what is happening with the game. The basic Demo at the beginning shows what to do but gives no explanation of why anything is happening or what the player is supposed to do in response. I have an idea that those 4 open boxes in the bottom box play some role because they have caused the white boxes to change configuration, but I don't know why. It is also obvious that then the white boxes hit the boxes on the upper section they move around, but I don't know how or why or what I am trying to accomplish. Understand that I am having fun playing with it, but it is so random that I wish I knew what was going on. I have been exploring the internet looking for an explanation of the game but have found none, not even on your website. My fear is that those of us born after a certain date were not given certain genetic codes allowing us to fully comprehend some of these concepts and require unreasonable explanation. Be patient with the Senior population. Thanks

Re: Suggestions

Post by doptrix » 03 Nov 2012, 11:39

I am pretty sure the game will become much easier because shifting blocks will fill the gaps and even complete lines sometimes. And for many people it will make the gameplay less interesting.
Actually when inventing new game modes I tried experimenting with the gravity. I played a few rounds when all blocks were shifted towards one of the sides or center and I didn't like it..
Thanks for the feedback though! Always appreciated! :)

Re: Suggestions

Post by Graham » 01 Nov 2012, 10:49

It would best play out on the larger fields

Re: Suggestions

Post by Graham » 01 Nov 2012, 10:43

Yeah, that's what I was suggesting. While I won't readily agree or disagree with it making the game easier... it dies require additional thought for the precision pieces like the "z" and the "L" shapes. I do understand why it seems easier... but Tetris with cascading isn't necessarily easier either. I recommend playing a few rounds before passing final judgement. However, this is your game, of which I am an avid fan. You will do whatever you wish. It's just a suggestion. On another note, this was a nice conversation.

Re: Suggestions

Post by doptrix » 29 Oct 2012, 03:29

Now when a line disappears, all blocks are shifted 1 cell closer to the center. Do you mean shifting some blocks even more to fill the gaps?

I am afraid it will make the game too easy..

Re: Suggestions

Post by Graham » 26 Oct 2012, 16:07

In some versions of Tetris... they let gravity come into play so you don't have randomly floating lines. I know you have played Tetris before and said, "if only that would fall down...". I wouldn't make it like a mandatory law for the whole game... just like a different option. I see how the line rules are applied, and its implementation would be crazy... if not impossible, but. I say the cascading only happens when a line is formed.

Re: Suggestions

Post by doptrix » 24 Oct 2012, 11:29

Could you please explain what do you mean by cascading?

Re: Suggestions

Post by Graham » 23 Oct 2012, 10:03

I love the game as is... its the only game on my phone, besides words with friends. What would be cool would be cascading. It adds another element of play to make it both fun and frustrating. If the cascading were to correlate with the line removal (the line removal determines the direction of gravity)... it would be awesome.

Re: Suggestions

Post by doptrix » 29 Jan 2012, 22:30

Hi! Thanks for the feedback!
I was thinking about it. But the game now is perfectly balanced - it's not too hard, not too easy. Once you get used to it, you can score 1000-2000 points or more.
If I add the possibility to shoot shapes downwards, it will make the game 2 times easier, game sessions will become practically endless.
Besides, it'll make the gameplay more complicated.

BWT, new update is coming out, where you can buy (for a very reasonable price :) ) 2 more grid sizes: 6x6 and 12x12.
6x6 is really fun and challenging, while 12x12 is more like a "zen" grid, you can play on it for hours.